Customized Vision System Development

From proof-of-concept to full-fledged industrial implementation

The road towards industrial implementation

From proof-of-concept ...

The ideal vision system is fast, highly robust, preferably cost-effective, easy to maintain, and ultimately results in (economic) added value. Unfortunately, the optimal combination of camera technology, measurement strategy, lenses, spatial positioning, post-processing technique, and acquisition accessories doesn't appear out of thin air. Therefore, a proof-of-concept study is necessary in the initial phase to determine (and validate!) the optimal technological problem-solution fit. The study provides concrete advice on the optimal component mix required for the eventual implementation.

... to a system-level integration

Once a vision concept has been conceived and tested, the second phase involves the implementation/connection of the vision system with an overarching system (production line, machine, mobile robots, ERP & CRM systems, etc.) managed by, for example, a PLC, server, or embedded controller. During this phase, the focus shifts towards:

  • Procuring hardware
  • Developing, selecting and implementing the necessary peripheral infrastructure, such as databases and secure (wireless) connections
  • Creating, refining and validating post-processing techniques
  • Providing any necessary user interfaces

By the end of this phase, the overall solution should be fully integrated and functional.

InViLab's services?

What we offer

We provide solutions by advising an in-house engineering team that carries out the actual translation from proof-of-concept to complete system integration or through a combination of our own developments supplemented with collaborations with our network of industrial vision integrators. Possible tasks where we, or one of our partners, can assist include:

  • Creating and/or refining any necessary post-processing for the analysis of data captured by the vision system. Specifically, we can assist in training and validating AI-powered computer vision and other image-processing techniques.

  • Development of hardware and software ensuring smooth integration with existing business processes. Our self-developed hardware-software connector, GenPyCam, guarantees a stable solution, even in the long term. For specialized tasks, we always refer to a reliable specialized partner.

  • Support and advice in hardware procurement. Having one of our experts at the negotiation table is beneficial, particularly when acquiring expensive hardware.

  • Troubleshooting and system analysis of existing vision integrations.

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