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Insights in vision technology's potential

Fueled by increasing computing power, computer vision is disruptive across numerous sectors. Vision technology, for example, enables the automation of challenging tasks or even the execution of seemingly impossible ones. The (future) significance of vision technology should not be underestimated. Consequently, whether as an engineer, investor, or manager, it is interesting (and almost necessary) to understand the possibilities and limitations of this technology to form a comprehensive view of future opportunities.

Through our educational and research activities, we are eager to bring you up to speed, starting from the absolute basics and progressing to an expert level if desired.

Hands-on learnings

To thoroughly understand the complexity of vision technology, there is nothing better than gaining practical experience and getting hands-on with a camera, lighting, lenses, and algorithms on a simple problem. This can be done with either our hardware or your own. Thanks to our self-developed GenPyCam camera connector, you won't waste time on details but can focus on what is truly interesting to learn.

Formats we provide to help you keep learning

We share both our insights and provide hands-on experience, often blended, in various forms


  • Lectures: From a multi-day basic training in vision technology to an afternoon session on, e.g., active thermography, InViLab regularly hosts thematic interactive lectures at our UAntwerpen base.

  • Workshops: We frequently organize hands-on sessions centred around a specific technology or image-processing technique, always in small groups with sufficient guidance.

  • Thematic talks: Would you like to get inspired by one of our experts through a lecture on a vision research-related topic at your next (company) event? That is possible! Contact us, and we can explore our portfolio together.

An overview of our lifelong learning activities, for which you can enrol,
can be found on the university platform Engineers of Tomorrow.

Technology transfer

As a university research team, we continuously have ongoing technology transfer projects, each with a consortium of companies centred around a theme and with a common goal of learning and transferring knowledge from the academic context to the non-academic world. Within such projects, not only lectures and workshops are organized, but typically, several cases proposed by participating companies are developed to demonstrate the effectiveness of a specific technology.

Private experiences

Would you like something tailored to your organization? Don't hesitate to contact us. Together, we will explore the best ways we can assist.

Latest Technology Transfer

Know-how we actively spread to the world

Sept. 2025 🥳

ComforTex - AI

Textile clothing Comfort assessment and optimization by thermography and Artificial intelligence.

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Oct. 2025 🏋


Hybrid AI for predictive Road maintenance. This project is commissioned by UAntwerpen - SuPAR.

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Mar. 2024 🌴


Automated open precision farming platform.

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2023 🏁


Drone based infrared imaging for oil spill detection.

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