Contact: Steve Vanlanduit


“HypIRSpec” is a VLAIO tetra project with the focus on hyperspectral and Infrared imaging data, using industry case studies, for inspection of coatings, detection and characterization of corrosion and the quality control of material treatments.

Some advantages of using hyperspectral and Infrared imaging technologies for corrosion and coating inspections are:

  • More useful information is collected compared to classic RGB imaging and the data are usually from outside visible range.
  • Information is obtained about the composition of products.
  • Detection of damage and material degradation at an early stage before they become visible.
  • Classification of the type of corrosion and coating is possible.
  • Infrared imaging allows looking under coatings and detect phenomena such as corrosion under coatings and delamination.

HypIRSpec project is being carried out by the University of Antwerp in collaboration with Sirris and KU Leuven. The user group consists of about 30 companies from the following sectors:

  • Producers and users of coatings.
  • Executives of material treatments.
  • Companies active in the inspection of infrastructure.
  • Owners of infrastructure (petrochemical, energy, offshore constructions, etc.).
  • Producers and distributors of cameras (Infrared and Hyperspectral cameras).

Are you interested in the project? You can contact us using the emails addresses below:


The information and the data regarding some case studies can be found in HypIRSpec repository in Google Drive.