Thermal camera digital twin for smart shipping

Contact: Steve Vanlanduit

The University of Antwerp, in collaboration with Ghent University and Flanders Hydraulics Lab, is embarking on an innovative journey with the DDShip research project to pioneer new methodologies in Data-driven autonomous shipping (DDShip). This cutting-edge research venture will address several key areas:

  1. Enhancing perception and situational awareness: We aim to significantly improve the ship's ability to perceive and understand its surroundings in challenging conditions like dense traffic and adverse weather.
  2. Crafting accurate ship behavior models: Our focus will be on accurately depicting how ships navigate complex waterways, especially those with limited clearance beneath the keel and close to banks or other infrastructures.
  3. Advancing control systems: The project intends to develop sophisticated, AI-trained model predictive controllers. These systems will ensure the ship's safe and smooth operation, incorporating advanced collision avoidance capabilities.

As part of the DDShip project, we are seeking a post-doctoral researcher dedicated to advancing accurate and robust perception and situational awareness. The research will explore the potential of thermal cameras in ship and object detection and tracking within port environments. Additionally, he/she will investigate how various weather conditions affect thermal camera readings and perception. To achieve this, the researcher will need create a thermal camera digital twin of the port environment and conduct validation experiments with thermal cameras in the Port of Antwerp.

We are currently accepting applications for this post-doctoral position, which will commence on 1st May 2024 and span a period of two years. Interested candidates are encouraged to reach out to Prof. Steve Vanlanduit for further details.

If you want to apply for this post-doctoral researcher position, please visit this website.